Afrowak Madonna


Arawak Maiden & Waterfall

Bamboo Belle

Big Spring

Bird Girl

Caribs and Pirates

Cassava Process

Cave of the Chieftain

Cotton Spinning



Daughter of the Sun

Fountain Circle

Fountain Series- Entrance

Fountain Series- Lizard

Fountain Series- Pool

Fountain_Series- Juluca Group

Frog Girl

Gifts of the Gods

Golden Age of Arawaks

Golden Dreaming

Hammock Spinner

Hope Rock

Hope Rock_01_1991

Interaction Amerindia



Malliouhana Cloudspinner

Mangrove Harbour

Moho Rock

Moho Well

Moonlight Spinning

More Golden Tears

My Feather Crown

Our Lady of Petroglyphs

Passing Clouds

Plantation Days

Portrait of Arawak Girl

Pottery Making

Princess Toukoo

Psychedelic Seas

Queen of Siba

She Paints Herself

Silver Seas

Singing the song, Dancing


The First Gift

The Offering

Three Girls

Time Flies


Tribal Patterns

Two Sisters

Village Life

Vision At The Black Pool

Vision of Juluca

Vision over Statia

Witoto Women

Woman in Red

Zemi Making Rendezvous